“Sauce!” by XXXTentacion

Saying someone has “sauce” is another way of saying they have swag, like a style others would want to imitate. And in this track, XXXTentacion is saying he’s covered in “sauce”. Then he goes further by illustrating ways in which this blessing is manifest. For instance, there are a number of women he rolls with, including White girls. In fact he has so many at his disposal that if they “talk too much” he will just cast them to the side. These ladies are just there to make him happy. He’s not looking for anything serious from them. All he wants is to have fun.

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XXXTentacion indeed had “sauce”. He was a rich and famous entertainer and thus someone others would envy and try to copy. And under his perception, it seems the main benefit of possessing this power was having an endless selection of female partners to choose from.

Lyrics of the song "Sauce!"

Facts about “Sauce!”

  • XXXTentacion co-wrote this song with Bass Santana. The latter gained stardom as a member of the hip hop collective Members Only.
  • In addition to writing, Santana also produced “Sauce!”. The production was handled by him alone. “Sauce!” was released on January 23, 2019. Had XXXTentacion been alive, he would have turned 21 on the aforementioned date. FYI, X was murdered on June 18, 2018.
  • This is the third track on the album XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 by Members Only. The aforementioned album (which is a compilation album) was released in honor of XXXTentacion. Members Only deliberately released the album on January 23, 2019 – a date that would have marked the 21st birthday celebration of X.
  • This track actually isn’t original. It is a remix of a 2018 song titled “$aUcE!” by XXXTentacion. FYI, “$aUcE!” itself was X’s remix of the 2017 song “Ice Tray” by Quavo and Lil Yachty.
  • “Sauce!” and “Touch Eem Body” are among the outstanding tracks on the album Members Only, Vol. 4.

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  1. big nate says:

    X is f**king fire he will LIVE bro through me i swear

  2. sinayah says:

    X is the most rapper inna whole wide world

  3. @21legends says:

    legends never die x was apart of my club called the21 legends so was juice wrld



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