“Stay High” by Juice WRLD

Any fan of Juice WRLD knows that he is quite fond, if you will, of taking substances. And the theme of this song is that he ‘stays high’ as a form of anti-depressant – which is a regular sentiment expressed throughout his music. But moreover he puts on what is perhaps one of his most-impressive lyrical displays and in the process also deals with the usual rap-music topics of wealth, violence and giving a shoutout to a homey that has passed away. Additionally “Stay High” is yet another song in which Juice seems to have prophesied his own death due to drug consumption.

2Fly Mizell and Khaled Rohaim are the artists responsible for the production of this song, in addition to co-writing it alongside Juice WRLD.

A number of labels, including Grade A Productions released “Stay High” on 10 July 2020.  It is featured on Juice’s first posthumous album (as there will likely be more). His management named the project, “Legends Never Die”.

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