“Hit Me Back” by Jacob Sartorius (ft. Blackbear)

Some readers will instantly recognize the phrase hit me back as a colloquial expression which means the same as call me back. And in this case, whom the vocalist is entreating to return his call is a romantic interest. Or stated bluntly it appears as if she is snubbing him, as he has already made numerous attempts to solicit a response to no avail. And based on the second verse, it seems there was a brief romance between them alright. But just like that she has up and excommunicated the singer. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Jacob Sartorius's Hit Me Back at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile Blackbear’s lyrics serve more of the role of backing Sartorius’s sentiments up, though the featured artist clearly has a love interest of his own also he is trying to holla at. But overall, it can be said that the main theme is Jacob really wanting to continue his interactions with an addressee who is ignoring him.

“Hit Me Back” Facts

This is the first collaboration between Jacob and Blackbear, and in fact these two artists teaming up caught some fans by surprise.

RCA Records released this track on 23rd June, 2017. And it is featured on Jacob’s second EP, aptly named “Left Me Hangin’”.

This song samples a track British singer Craig David dropped back in 2000 entitled “7 Days”. As such he, Mark Hill and Darren Hill (the writers of 7 Days) are also credited as writers of “Hit Me Back”. And the other artists who penned the track are J. Wizzard, J. Kirkland, J. Dean, Blackbear and Sartorius.

Indeed it was Sartorius and Blackbear who came up with the idea for the song. They did so after Sartorius’s sister complained that he ‘never hit her back’ from an earlier call she gave him that day.

The music video to this track featured another social media star, beside Sartorius, named Noah Urrea.

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