“TLC” by DaBaby (ft. Gunna)

On “TLC”, the rappers (DaBaby and Gunna) take turns to vividly discuss their somewhat contradictory love life while boasting about their personal successes.

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The verse 1 sees DaBaby revealing that he has been with several ladies but the particular person he’s dating doesn’t like to see him brag about himself. Despite these restrictions, he is convinced that she loves him.

And in the chorus, DaBaby makes a reference to Lisa Lopes who burnt down her then boyfriend Andre Rison’s house after an argument. FYI, Lisa was a member of the famous girl group TLC.

In the second verse however, Gunna boasts proudly about his fame, riches and the fact that his girl doesn’t mind seeing him showing off his wealth. He then admits that unlike DaBaby, he cannot date a particular woman because he’s a player living wildly.


TLC by DaBaby and Gunna is essentially a rap song which details the private lives of both narrators. It also shows how much pride they take in their money, fame, and affairs with women.

Prior to the release of the song, Gunna posted a teaser photo of himself and DaBaby on a FaceTime Call to his Instagram page.

“TLC” Information

DaBaby wrote “TLC” along with Gunna and its producers:

  • DJ K.i.D
  • Starboy

“TLC” was released in August of 2020 as part of the deluxe version of DaBaby’s “Blame it on Baby” album.

NOTE: Despite TLC member Lisa being mentioned in the song, the song’s title isn’t actually referring to the girl group. It actually is the abbreviation for the phrase “Tender, Love and Care”.

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