“Don’t I” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Gunna)

This song’s title (“Don’t I”) is in question form. And the way Roddy Ricch uses it in the chorus is to reaffirm his status as the man, particularly in a romantic context, i.e. his ability to “lock” a woman down via his sexual prowess.

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But the verses themselves aren’t really centered on a romantic/sexual motif. Instead on Roddy’s end, what is actually most unique about this track is that he uses it to namedrop a few major celebrities, i.e. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey and even the late Kobe Bryant (who played for Ricch’s hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers). 

And Gunna does a sound job of touching upon a multitude of topics, and they all point to him being, like Roddy, rich and on top of his game.

So in the case of “Live Life Fast”, Roddy did not feature Lil Baby and Gunna, who themselves have a solid collaboration history, on the same track. Instead “Moved to Miami” has Lil Baby, and the song that comes after it, “Don’t I”, features Gunna. So fans of the ATL duo will still get their proper dosage of Southeastern rap, and Gunna does represent himself quite well lyrically on this piece.

Lyrics to Roddy Ricch's "Don't I"

Release Date of “Don’t I”

On December 17 of 2021, “Don’t I” was released as part of the album. The album, which is titled “Live Life Fast” has a total of 18 songs. It is officially the second album of Ricch’s illustrious music career.

Only one out of the 18 songs on “Live Life Fast” was put out as a single prior to the release of the album. The single in question is titled “Late at Night”.

Credits for “Don’t I”

Don’t I‘s composition was achieved through the efforts of a team of 5 song writers including Ricch himself. The other writers are:

  • Gunna
  • MoneyEvery
  • Sonic
  • Wasa 

Music producers, Wasa, Sonic and MoneyEvery own production credits for the song.

Don't I

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