“Trust Fall” by Bebe Rexha

For the sake of simplicity, it can be said that the full title of this song (“Trust Fall”) is actually ‘I want to trust you and fall in love’. And as the latter part of that phrase implies, the addressee is a romantic interest of the singer’s. And what she is fundamentally doing is trying to make sure he’s fully loyal before giving her heart to him. For she is the type of lady who has already experienced her fair share of romantic disappointments. 

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So as such, she is not privy to the idea of carelessly giving her “soul” to yet another dude who is not up to handling the responsibility.

Moreover, let’s just say she realizes that her personal situation would not be the easiest for a partner to handle. This is not only due to her own personality or fears at times proven challenging to the union. But also she truly and fully wants a full-fledged lover. And what that means is that she expects him to be her knight in shining armor so to speak, remaining supportively by her side regardless of what unforeseen challenges or depressions may materialize. 

In fact even as it stands now, she is not necessarily in a good place. So she is looking for more than a sweetheart but also a “lifesaver”, the type who “will be there” without her even asking. And she wants the addressee to sincerely express such a commitment beforehand, so that she can “trust” him and then allow herself to “fall”, as in breathe easier knowing that she’s not alone in life.

"Trust Fall" Lyrics
Bebe Rexha discusses "Trust Fall"

When was “Trust Fall” released?

This is the third song on the playlist of “Better Mistakes”, the album Bebe Rexha put out on 7 May 2021. Bebe released four singles from the previously mentioned album. “Trust Fall” wasn’t one of these singles, which are listed below:

Warner Bros. Records, whom Bebe Rexha signed with in 2013, is the label behind publicizing “Trust Fall”.

Writing Credits

She contributed to the writing of the tune alongside Sorana, Madison Love and Blake Slatkin.  And Blake Slatkin, a protégé of Benny Blanco’s, also co-produced “Trust Fall” with Nick Mira and Sam Wish.

Just to note, it does not appear that this song is actually based on Rexha’s real life at the moment. That is to say that as at the release of the track, she has been dating a filmographer by the name of Keyan Safyari since 2020.

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