“Up to You” by PrettyMuch (ft. NCT Dream)

PrettyMuch’s “Up to You” reads as somewhat of an ode to the notion of female consent. The singers are addressing their respective romantic interests, who as usual is referred to as a singular entity. And the mood of the setting is that something like sensual tension exists between them. However, the boys are not inclined to rush things. Rather they’re leaving it “up to” their partners concerning “when the time is right” for them to take their relationship to the next level. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for NCT DREAM's Up to You at Lyrics.org.

The dilemma presented to illustrate this point is one where they are debating if she should “spend the night” or go home. Of course, the implication is that spending the night will in fact lead to intimate activity. And in the first verse it is established that, at least from the male’s perspective, he would very much like to get it on. But he decides to ‘hold himself back’. And once again, this is in the name of leaving the ultimate decision of whether or not such transpires “up to” his lady. 

But conclusively, this song is not about abstaining from physical relations.  Rather it is about making sure “the time is right”, from the perspective of both parties, before engaging in such activities.

Facts about “Up to You”

Released on 22 November 2019, “Up to You” marks the first collaboration between Prettymuch, a boy band from North America and NCT Dream, their peers from Southeast Asia. So even though the lyrics are primarily in English, the second verse is recited in Korean.

This song was written by Prettymuch’s Edwin Honoret. He did the writing in partnership with L. Eddie, B. Fouradi and one of the track’s producers, Spanker.

And the other producer is acknowledged as Young Skeptics.

Syco Records is the label that put out “Up to You”.  And the song is featured on Prettymuch’s third extended play, which is entitled “INTL:EP”.

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