“Rock Witchu” by PRETTYMUCH

The easiest way to describe Prettymuch’s “Rock Witchu” is that it features the band trying to entice a certain romantic interest(s). That is to say that the boys have found someone they like and for the most part are trying to convince her to engage in a relationship with them. And they go about doing so in two major ways. First is by telling her how much they like her, as in how she makes them feel, alluding to the idea that they are truly in love. And secondly is by stating their good intentions for her, such as taking her out to ‘wine and dine’.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for PrettyMuch's Rock Witchu at Lyrics.org.

The term “rock witchu” (‘rock with you’), as used in this song, can be interpreted in one of two ways, though they both point to the same basic idea. On one hand it can be read as a euphemism for the singer’s desire to get physically intimate with the object of their affection. But more generally, it can also be interpreted as alluding to their overall desire to be romantically involved with her. In other words, the titular term “rock” would be synonymous with ‘spend time romantically’, which is basically what they want to do with this lady.

Lyrics of "Rock Witchu"

Creation of “Rock Witchu”

All of the members of Prettymuch took part in writing this song.  In fact it was first teased while they were still putting it together back on 16 April 2019, with Brandon Arreaga also serving as the producer of the “Rock Witchu”.

Below is the list of all the writers with writing credits on this track:

  • Brandon Arreaga
  • Edwin Honoret
  • Zion Kuwonu
  • Nick Mara
  • Austin Porter

Additionally all of the members of Prettymuch, with the exception of Austin Porter, made vocal contributions to the official version of “Rock Witchu”.


Although “Rock Witchu” was not officially released by Syco Music and Columbia Records until 16 August 2019, Prettymuch had been using the track as part of the setlist for their FOMO Tour. That tour began in the second week of July 2019.

Was this song inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You”?

The title of this song could have possibly been derived from Michael Jackson’s 1979 track “Rock with You”. In addition to that, “Rock Witchu” has almost the same vibe and style as Jackson’s classic “Rock with You”.

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