“Me Necesita” by Prettymuch & CNCO

Sentimentally, “Me Necesita” is more or less your average young adult love song. As far as its storyline, it is a tale of mutual romantic infatuation, if you will, between the singer and the addressee (his girlfriend). Or more to the point, the vocalist’s romantic interest is the lady being described in the title. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for CNCO's Me Necesita at Lyrics.org.

Meaning of “Me Necesita”

And “me necesita” translates to “she needs me”. So the song is premised on his lover’s dependency on him. And the way it reads is as if this dependency is carnal in nature. But that is not to insinuate that the relationship is trivial.  Indeed to the contrary, the singer is smitten with her also. In fact, as mentioned earlier, the strong feelings flowing in their relationship appear to be reciprocal. 

So it is easy to see that this is indeed a love song. But let’s just say there’s a special emphasis on the physical side of the romance, as in the main appeal between the singer and his partner being based on looks, i.e. the two of them linking up in a setting like a club.

Quick Facts about “Me Necesita”

Both Prettymuch and CNCO had been teasing this song for quite a few months leading up to its official release on 23 October 2019.

“Me Necesita” was produced by the following:

  • Danny Boy
  • Rami
  • Mike Sabath

They also served as co-writers along with the following:

  • M.Y. Gonzalez Cardenas
  • Savan Kotecha
  • Brent McLaughlin
  • Nevin

“Me Necesita” is the first collaboration between CNCO and Prettymuch. In fact Prettymuch member Edwin Honoret has speculated that this is indeed “the first time two boy bands have been on a song together”. But is this really true? Well, that’s something we would have to check!

Another thing that makes “Me Necesita” unique is its bilingual approach.  Indeed Prettymuch hails from the United States and Canada, and CNCO are Latin American in origin.

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