“What Are You So Afraid Of” by XXXTentacion

“What Are You So Afraid Of” is the title of the last track on the first posthumous album (Skins) of the late American rapper/singer XXXTentacion. On this track, X is basically asking his listener whether they are afraid of love or the idea of wasting their time on it.

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It isn’t precisely clear who X’s listener is. Is he talking to a love interest? Or is he just addressing all listeners?

That said, one thing is abundantly clear in this track. The answers to these questions are so important to X that he repeatedly asks the questions throughout the track. As a matter of fact, the entire track’s lyrics consist of these questions.

It is noteworthy that X suffered a major heartbreak somewhere in 2016 after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Geneva Ayala. The breakup was the inspiration behind a number of X’s songs, including “Ayala”.

Facts about “What Are You So Afraid Of”

  • XXXTentacion, John Cunningham and Robert Soukiasyan are credited as writers on “What Are You So Afraid Of”.
  • X’s longtime collaborator and friend, John Cunningham produced this track.
  • This song’s title is stylized in lowercase.Therefore it is actually written like this: “what are you so afraid of”.
  • There are only two choruses and post-choruses in this son.
  • With a length of 2:30, “What Are You Afraid Of” is the fourth longest track on Skins.

Did X’s team release this as one of the singles from Skins?

No. “Bad” was the only one single from that posthumous album.

What was the release date of “What Are You So Afraid Of”?

Its official release date was December 7, 2018. However, it (along with the whole Skins album) was leaked online three days prior.

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