“Woods” by Mac Miller

First of all let it be mentioned that the word “woods” is never actually mentioned in the lyrics. But going out on a limb, it is possible that what the title of this song alludes to is the notion of being lost. However, this would not be in a literal sense but rather from an emotional standpoint. And whereas the nature of the vocalist’s relationship with the addressee is never specified, it is feasible that he is singing to a romantic partner. And their association has its challenges. 

But he seems committed in keeping the romance going and is trying to encourage her likewise. Yet by illustrated during the bridge, he is now starting to regret how he has gone about doing so. In other words, he tried to present the possibility of the two of them living a better life to her to the point of concealing aspects of reality from her. But obviously, the vocalist still has every expectation that their relationship can “only go up”. 

So going back to the song’s title and the theory that it is meant to imply a sense of being lost, Mac may well be applying this characteristic to himself.   For at certain points the lyrics do read as if he is questioning how deeply vested he is in this relationship.

Quick Facts about “Woods”

The producers of this track are E. Dan and a musical duo known as David x Eli.

Dan and David x Eli (David Ruoff and Elias Klughammer) also co-wrote the song along with Mac Miller and another songwriter named Jon Brion.

Warner Records released “Woods” on 17 January 2020 as part of Mac Miller’s album “Circles”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you for that INTERPRETATION

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also interpret the name Woods, as “being lost”. This song is a artistic masterpiece.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much

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