“Mama He’s Crazy” by The Judds

As most readers probably presumed upon reading the title (“Mama He’s Crazy”), this song does feature Wynonna talking to her mother about her boyfriend. But at the same time the title is sorta misleading, as said gentleman is not “crazy” literally or any type of negative way but rather “crazy over” Wynonna. In other words, he’s madly in love with her. But even then, said love is not the key theme of this song per se.

Rather, the verses focus on how Wynonna is likewise smitten by him. As stated, it isn’t her style to go about falling in love and stuff like that. But in this case, it’s as if Cupid’s arrow has found a way to penetrate her defenses. And she does not regret being smitten, as she’s convinced that the dude at hand is indeed her soulmate.

So conclusively, this is a love song. Perhaps if we wanted to use our imaginations a bit, we can visualize this outing being rationalized by mama not approving of her daughter being in a relationship. But said daughter, the vocalist, is assuring her that this is indeed true love.

Lyrics of The Judds' "Mama He's Crazy"

Date of Release: 1984
Album/EP: “Wynonna & Naomi” (1984)

Credits for “Mama He’s Crazy”

Kenny O’DellBrent Maher

Naomi Judd and her daughter Wyonna Judd were the members of The Judds. Neither of them receives writing credits on the song.

The song’s producer, Maher, wrote and produced a lot of Judd hits, including:

“Wynonna & Naomi”

“Mama He’s Crazy” was one of two singles released from the duo’s debut EP, “Wynonna & Naomi”. Actually it was the second single from this project, with “Had a Dream (For the Heart)” being the project’s first single.

“Wynonna & Naomi” was backed by RCA Records.

This EP chartered at number 153 on the Billboard 200. It also received Gold certification from US’ RIAA.

Mama He's Crazy

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