“10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber

The title (“10,000 Hours”) of this song is symbolic of the amount of time the artists are willing to dedicate to not only learning everything they can about the woman they love but also show their affection to her. In mathematical terms, 10,000 hours is actually equal to a little over a year. But again that number is a metaphorical, with it actually derived from a famous theory put forth by an author named Malcolm Gladwell. And according to his hypothesis, that is a rough estimate of the amount of time an individual has to devote to a field in order to be successful in it. 

And likewise Dan, Shay and the Biebs want to master the art, if you will, of loving their respective ladies. Indeed outside of the aforementioned hours, they are prepared to dedicate “10,000 more” to accomplishing this goal.  Moreover these time frames are once again figurative, as the homeys are ready to commit ‘the rest of their lives’ to their romantic interests. In fact Justin Bieber has referred to this song as “wedding music”.  So in the grand scheme of things, the temporary time frame which makes up the title is actually representative of the artists’ willingness to make a life-long commitment to the addressees, i.e. the respective women whom they love.

Lyrics of "10,000 Hours"

Facts about “10,000 Hours”

The forthcoming of this song was first teased, by Dan + Shay, on 29 September 2019. And “10,000 Hours” was officially released as a standalone single a few days later, on 4 October 2019.

This track came out less than a week after Justin Bieber conducted his second marriage ceremony to model Hailey Baldwin on 30 September 2019. Interestingly enough, Dan + Shay also attended the event.

“10,000 Hours” was produced by one half of Dan + Shay, Dan Smyers.

He also lent to its lyrical composition along with his partner, Shay Mooney in addition to Bieber himself. The trio worked with the following songwriters to complete the composition of this song:

  • Jessie Jo Dillon
  • Jordan Reynolds
  • Poo Bear

“10,000 Hours” is the first time Justin Bieber has teamed up with Dan + Shay to drop a song.

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