“Come Around Me” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s “Come Around Me” can be described as an intimacy-in-the-bedroom song. To some degree, it can even be an explicit one if the listener is mature enough to the understand the sensual innuendos behind metaphors such as ‘driving stick’. Or perhaps the best way to describe what’s going down here is to first note that the Biebs is singing to his lover. And what he is telling her is that even though they obviously see each other regularly, when she does “come around” on this particular day, he wants her to be intimate with her like she ‘misses him’. And again, even though he does not use what would necessarily be classified as NSFW language, Justin does get specific enough concerning the types of acts he wants her to perform. 

Or another way of looking at the entire scenario is that he is in a particularly sensually excited mood. And in the name of achieving ideal gratification, he is convincing her to adopt a similar disposition. Or phrased yet alternatively again, he wants her to utilize her imagination and full energy, as he is likewise intent on doing, to make the bedroom act they are likely about to engage in an extraordinary one.

Lyrics of "Come Around Me"

Facts about “Come Around Me”

Def Jam Records released “Come Around Me” as part of the Biebs fifth studio album titled “Changes” on 14 February 2020.

This is the third song on the track listing of “Changes”. It wasn’t one of the singles that supported “Changes”. “Intentions“, “Forever” and “Yummy” were the only songs officially issued as singles from the album.

The song was co-produced by Poo Bear, who worked on the entire album.  And the other co-producers are a duo known as The Audibles. The duo also have quite a few production credits on “Changes”.

Additionally those same three artists co-wrote “Come Around Me” alongside the Biebes and Noah Sammak.

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