“6 Rings” by Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s “6 Rings” is a song dropped in memory of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who tragically died on 26 January 2020. And basically what Bad Bunny is putting forth is that he has long been an admirer – even a disciple you could say – of Kobe Bryant. For instance, it is via the legend of the Black Mamba that the artist learned that goals in life should be pursued passionately. And the implication is that part of his own success is partially attributable to adopting Kobe’s philosophy. 

Moreover it is clear that the late athlete is someone whom Bad Bunny holds in high regard. Indeed he is thoroughly convinced that both Bryant and daughter are now residing in heaven. And along that same vein, many of us already know that Kobe in fact won five NBA Champions – i.e. “rings” – throughout his illustrious career. So the sixth ring Bad is referring to is actually Kobe’s wedding ring, which in this case would be symbolic of his committed family life. And on top of idolizing Kobe in general, the vocalist is also wishing that he rests in peace.

Release Date of “6 Rings”

Bad Bunny released “6 Rings” as a surprise single on 28 January 2020.

Writing Credits

This song was written and produced by Bad Bunny, who production-wise worked alongside Subelo Neo.

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