Meaning of “Where She Goes” by Bad Bunny

“Where She Goes” is a standalone single that Rimas Music put out on 18 May 2023, which Bad Bunny began teasing, via TikTok and Instagram, a couple of days prior. This track was written by the vocalist, produced by Mag, and its music video directed by Stillz.

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Bunny’s fourth-studio album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, was one of the biggest hits of 2022. After its success, his name continued to trend in (Western) headlines due to rumors of him dating the very-popular and well-traveled Kendall Jenner, which began circulating earlier in 2023. 

So as to more or less be expected, there are certain analysts who have been gleaned what they consider to be indirect shoutouts to Jenner in the music video for “Where She Goes”. But besides that, the clip also features quite a few celebrity cameos, including the likes of Frank Ocean, Dominic Fike, Lil Uzi Vert and even retired Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho.

The Lyrics of “Where She Goes”

“Where She Goes” can be taken as a sex song, i.e. its most notable lyrics, such as the entirety of second verse, revolving around the vocalist’s strong sexual desire and memories of the addressee. 

But the reason Bad Bunny is compelled to come off like is because what we’re apparently dealing with here is a case of the singer being estranged from said addressee. Or based on the beginning of the chorus, it reads as if maybe the two of them had a one-night stand. 

“Baby, dime la verdad
Si te olvidaste de mí
Yo sé que fue una noche na’ má’
Que no se vuelve a repetir
Tal ve’ en ti quise encontrar
Lo que en otra perdí
Tu orgullo no me quiere hablar
Entonce’ vamo’ a competir, a ver, ey”

And what other lyrics, such as the aforenoted second verse, reveal is that Bunny got, shall we say p*-sywhipped in the process. That is not to say that he has been dominated by said woman but rather has developed a very-strong, seemingly borderline-obsessive desire to sleep with her again, with that very desire being the thesis sentiment of this song.

But none of those observations clarify what exactly the title is supposed to mean in context. Perhaps it is indicative of the aforementioned obsession, i.e. the vocalist being willing to follow the addressee “where she goes”. 

But the lyrics do not read as if he is stalking her per se. Rather, it’s like Bad Bunny is trying to hit her up on the phone or DM and hoping that she responds favorably, i.e. allowing the two of them to reunite.

Where She Goes

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