“Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone

“Me Porto Bonito” is a song of infatuation, i.e. the singer being smitten with the addressee from what appears to be solely a sexual standpoint. For instance, the title actually translates to “I’ll behave myself”, giving the impression that the lyrics are dedicated to the vocalist vowing to shape up in the name of securing this lady’s love. And in a very-limited sense that proves to be true, as in the chorus Chencho Corleone puts forth that he’s willing to quit the street life, if doing so pleases her.

But the vocalist’s dedication to the addressee, as alluded to earlier, is put largely in a physical/sexual context. So with him trying to pick her up and all, what his advances revolve for example is that notion that if he were her man, he would, unlike her current boo, ‘upload her ass’ onto the internet, so that the world can see just ‘how hot she is’. 

And as for their mutual point of attraction, according to Bad Bunny in the intro, that would be the fact that they’re both “ho-ny”. Generally speaking, there is an ample amount of NSFW lingo circulating in this piece.

So whether or not something like this should be classified as a love song is a matter of perspective. But there is a palpable amount of lusting going on. The vocalist is so impressed with the addressee’s body that, if secured, he apparently wants to let as many people as he can know that this is his lady.

Lyrics to “Me Porto Bonito”

Release of “Me Porto Bonito”

“Me Porto Bonito” is one of the tracks Rimas Music originally put out, on 6 May 2022, as part of Bad Bunny’s highly-successful album “Un Verano Sin Ti”. About a month afterwards, the song was also issued as the fifth single from the LP. 


This track proved to be a pretty big hit itself, achieving gold status in a number of Latin American countries. Furthermore, it topped Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart stateside and promptly achieved platinum status in Spain.


Chencho Corleone is, like Bad Bunny, from Puerto Rico. More specifically he’s made a name for himself as part of a turn-of-the-century reggaeton duo known as Plan B.

The two vocalists are credited with writing this song. The writing process was apparently initiated by Bad Bunny, who went on to state that when he created “Me Porto Bonito”, he “wasn’t going to release” it unless Chencho was involved. 

It has also been noted that Bunny began penning this tune “right after he attended the Met Gala in New York”, with said event being held on 2 May 2022.

The producers of “Me Porto Bonito” are:

  • La Paciencia
  • Lennex
  • MAG
  • Subelo Neo

The director of this track’s music video is Fernando Lugo.

Me Porto Bonito

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