“Andrea” by Bad Bunny and Buscabulla

A couple of analysts have reported that this song is about one Andrea Ruiz, a Puerto Rican woman who was basically murdered by her crazy ex-boyfriend as a result of the courts in her homeland failing to take her case seriously. 

The logical implication would be that since this track is in fact titled “Andrea”, Bad Bunny and co. at least had Ruiz in mind when naming it. But be that as it may, Bunny has clarified that the lyrics are not actually about that case. Instead, it would appear that Puerto Rico has a very serious problem with violence against women in general, which this piece is set out to address.

Bad Bunny talks about the Meaning of “Andrea”

As further explained by Bad Bunny, the “Andrea” in this case is very much alive and kicking and more or less a personification of all women. What she is depicted as, most simply put, is a good girl gone bad. In other words, for the most part she’s on the straight and narrow, attending college and appearing as if she has a bright future in the professional world. But her one flaw, if you will, is that she has a thing for “gangsters and rappers”. And after being around the block a few times, now you can tell by the way she moves that Andrea has been through a few less-than-ideal romances.

Thesis Sentiment of “Andrea”

But regardless of what has transpired in the past, she is still looking for that perfect love, which is more or less the thesis sentiment of this track. Messing with Andrea may be like playing with fire. But the moral of the story is that she’s not naturally so, rather being made this way as a result of the romantic/domestic environment she was brought up in. And the further implication is that, going back to PR’s domestic issues, there simply aren’t a lot of men out there who are suitable for Andrea.

So what Bad Bunny and Buscabulla are doing is lending their support. There may be people out there who “talk sh*t” about Andrea for whatever reasons. But the vocalists are encouraging such women to ignore all the negativity and stay focused on their productive goals.

And in the grand scheme of things, such a sentiment may not be a viable solution Puerto Rico’s domestic violence problems. But reading in-between the lines, this is like one of those independent woman songs, i.e. one in which young women are encouraged to prioritize education and establish their own foundation in the world as opposed to getting caught up in a romance they can’t handle.

Bad Bunny's "Andrea" Lyrics


Buscabulla is a act band fronted by the husband-and-wife team of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle. It should be stated that it is Berrios who wrote “Andrea” alongside Bad Bunny, another musician from Puerto Rico. “Andrea” marks the first collaboration between Bunny and Buscabulla.

Raquel Berrios has noted that, due to the subject matter being discussed, she “never worked this hard for a song”. She went on to disclose that the song sheds so much light on the life of the average woman living in the Caribbean.

Release Date and Production Credits

“Andrea” was released via Rimas Music on 6 May 2022.

The producers of this track are Mick Coogan, Scotty Dittrich and MAG, the latter of whom actually shopped the instrumental to Bunny, who then enlisted Buscabulla to participate. 

“Andrea” is the last song that Bunny decided to add to “Un Verano Sin Ti”, his fourth studio album, which came out on the same date noted above. The album eventually shot to the apex of the Billboard 200.


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