Bad Bunny’s “Tití Me Preguntó” Lyrics Meaning

For starters, the title of this song translates to the phrase “auntie asked me”. But the lyrics aren’t about the vocalist’s aunt, whose presence serves primarily as a plot device. So more to the point is this being the person in the singer’s life who questions his preference of having a number of girlfriends.

That said, this song isn’t really about her related disapproval either. Rather, the first half of the track primarily features Bunny using the opportunity to boast about his various babes. Indeed, he does so not only in terms of the present but also the past, pointing out for instance that his “first girlfriend in Kindergarten” was named “Maria”.

But the primary focus of course is on his current romantic adventurism, i.e. the vocalist having a number of shorties not only in his homeland of PR but also from Colombia, San Antonio, the DR and even “one from Barcelona” who flies over because he is very good in bed. And whereas the vocalist does proceed to imply that one day he will get married, concurrently it’s pretty obvious that he has no actual desire to live a monogamous life.

The Auntie in “Tití Me Preguntó”

And auntie does get her time to shine, during the interlude, where it is made clear that she considers Bad along the lines of being a “devil” nephew. He therefore needs to repent accordingly, including settling down with “a serious woman”. 

Why Bad Bunny is a Womanizer

The bridge and verse that follow take a more serious approach. Here, it is revealed that Bunny isn’t a playa just solely because he likes women. Instead he has trust issues, not only in regards to romantic interests but also himself.

For example, he knows that many of the women who acquiesce to his whims are, most simply put, gold-diggers. So at this stage, the vocalist doesn’t perceive himself as someone who is capable of falling in love. 

But that said, he is also the type to get bored sexually pretty fast and subsequently desire “a brand-new a-s”.  And as fate would have it, he is in a position whereas a number of women are readily available. So Bad Bunny even goes as far as to warn ladies who are interested in him that he is indeed about that life.

Thus by the looks of things, auntie is going to continue being pissed into the foreseeable future, as the singer currently appears completely disinterested in giving up his womanizing ways.

Bad Bunny's "Tití Me Preguntó" Lyrics

Release of “Tití Me Preguntó”

On 6 May 2022, “Tití Me Preguntó” was released. The song is a part of Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti”. This is an album which has gone down American history as one of the most-successful albums of the entirety of 2022. 

For instance, as of this writing, “Un Verano Sin Ti” has already been placed atop the Billboard 200 year-end chart for 2022

And to note, this particular track acted as the album’s third single and did its thing in terms of contributing towards that overall success. 

“Tití Me Preguntó” was a chart topper in Spain (where it has thus far achieved quintuple-platinum status). It also reached number one on the following Billboard lists stateside

  • Hot Latin Songs 
  • Latin Rhythmic Airplay

As for its complete global showing, this song charted in more than a dozen countries, all along Latin America especially. Furthermore, it broke the top 10 of music rankings in most of the countries it charted.

Credits for “Tití Me Preguntó”

Bad Bunny is the sole writer of this track, and its producers are La Paciencia and Mag.

The music video to “Tití Me Preguntó” was exclusively directed by Stillz. It was entirely filmed in New York City, a metropolis which itself sports a notable Puerto Rican population. By December of 2022, the video had garnered well over a half-a-billion views on YouTube.

Bad Bunny has some backup with the post-chorus via additional vocalist Kiko El Crazy, who is likewise a Rimas artist.

This song notably samples “No Te Puedo Olvidar”, a 1999 track by Anthony Santos, aka El Mayimbe. Anthony is a prominent bachata artist.

Tití Me Preguntó

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