“La Jumpa” by Arcángel and Bad Bunny

There have been some elaborate explanations offered as to what the title of this track (“La Jumpa”), as utilized in Bad Bunny’s verse, is supposed to mean. But in the grand scheme of things such theoretical intricacies are irrelevant, as what we are met with here is holistically akin to a braggadocious rap song. 

From a lyrical perspective, the vocalists are tasked with coming up with as many poetic references to their wealth and lofty standings as possible. This also includes of course presenting themselves as being desirable in the eyes of ladies, even those who belong to some of the listeners.

So there isn’t anything outstanding to report here as, at least as translated into English, the lyrics aren’t necessarily worth writing home about. Presumably in its intended tongue, “La Jumpa” flows a lot better. But as translated into English, this is pretty much elementary braggadocio. All it all, it once again centeres on the vocalists’ wealth, way with the ladies and with Bad Bunny alluding to how his music is well received by all generations.

"La Jumpa" Lyrics

Arcángel and Bad Bunny

Earlier in life Arcángel did spend some time in Bad Bunny’s homeland of Puerto Rico. He however, is actually classified as an American, albeit of Dominican parentage. This hip-hop/reggaeton artist has managed to drop five studio albums between 2008 and 2022. The latest on the list is “Sr. Santos”. It is from that album that “La Jumpa” is derived. 

To note, these two vocalists have been regular collaborators throughout the late 2010s and into the 2020s.

Release Date of “La Jumpa”

This track was officially released through Rimas Music on 30 November 2022. This is the same label that put out Bad Bunny’s hit album “Un Verano Sin Ti”. FYI, “Un Verano Sin Ti” was one of the most successful albums of 2022.

“La Jumpa” had a modest showing on the Billboard Hot 100. But that said, its success is cause for celebration in that it marks the first time one of Arcangel’s songs has made it onto this coveted ranking.


Bunny and Arcángel are the only credited writers of “La Jumpa”. Regarding its production, producers JULiA LEWiS and MAG share production credits.

What genre of music is “La Jumpa”?

This song falls under a number of genre. First and foremost it is a Rap (Latin Rap) song. It can also be classified as a Trap (Latin Trap) song. Other genres it falls under include Latin Drill and Latin Pop.

La Jumpa

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