Meaning of “MOJABI GHOST” by Tainy & Bad Bunny

Tainy is akin to the Puerto Rican version of Metro Boomin if you will, in that he’s a producer who has proven popular enough, despite not contributing vocals himself, to headline songs and have albums released under his name. 

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The second of such efforts, “Data”, came out on 29 June 2023, via a label he co-founded called Neon 16. And amongst the track featured thereupon is “Mojabi Ghost”, which is co-headlined by Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny can concurrently be deemed the most-popular and successful musician coming out of PR, so of course he and Tainy have already worked together numerous times in the past. In fact Bunny can also be found on two more tracks on the playlist of “Data”, which are Pasiempre and Lo Siento BB:/.

Tainy is the sole producer of this track, and he co-wrote it with Bad Bunny.



The lyrics of this song are in Spanish. So we are relying on a variety of sources for the purpose of extracting what its lyrics mean.

Based on the chorus and arguably the first verse also, that this is a song of heartbreak. That is to say that the primary addressee appears to be the vocalist’s ex, and the thesis sentiment seems to revolve around his inability to get over her.

Embedded throughout are also various references to the vocalist’s wealth and rich lifestyle. This appears to be especially true as far as the second verse is concerned. But by the looks of things, Bad Bunny isn’t boasting just for boasting’s sake.

The apparent point, once again based on those translations, reads as if Bunny is saying that despite all of the “smoking, drinking [and] f–king”, he cannot enjoy life with his true love absent. And to illustrate that point, it appears as if he alludes to engaging in threesomes in the intro. And if that is indeed the case, then what’s being buttressed is that not even a fantasy-come-true sex life can cure the narrator’s broken heart.

Meanwhile, according to Genius, whereas this song is titled Mojabi Ghost, it is “Mojave Ghost” which Bad Bunny mentions in the intro. There is a perfume called Mojabi Ghost, and it has been offered (based on an unreviewed Genius annotation as of this writing) that this track is named after it. 

A quick Google search reveals that said fragrance isn’t overly expensive, and if that’s the case then it’s unlikely that Bad Bunny is mentioning it for braggadocious purpose. So maybe it’s a scent he genuinely enjoys or perhaps is now marketing.

“Fumando, bebiendo, chingando, fingiendo que ya no pienso en ti
No sé a quién le miento si esto que siento no me deja dormir, ey
Fumando, bebiendo, chingando, fingiendo que ya no pienso en ti
No sé a quién le miento si esto que siento no me deja dormir, ey”

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