Meaning of “UN PREVIEW” by Bad Bunny

“UN PREVIEW” by Bad Bunny delves into a bunch of themes, including those of attraction, desire, and fleeting romance in the setting of a club or night out. Let’s break down the lyrics:

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The song kicks off with an invitation to come closer, offering a sneak peek or “preview” of what’s to come, suggesting a sensual or intimate interaction.

Bad Bunny is sure that once he gets close or intimate with the woman, he will fall in love. He can’t forget her captivating appearance and indicates that the night is young, hinting at the possibilities ahead. If she expresses her desires, he’s ready to fulfill them.

The Chorus

Here, he emphasizes his fearlessness in pursuing her and taking the risk of getting his heart involved again. The singer portrays himself as carefree, dancing and getting close in the club, indifferent to what others might say or think. His attraction is fiery and intense, and he’s lost in the moment with her.


The verse communicates his admiration for her assertiveness and allure. She’s had his attention the entire night. There’s a playful flirtation with suggestive undertones throughout this part. He promises exclusivity to her, denouncing other flings or attractions. There’s a mention of escaping to the Dominican Republic, implying a deeper connection and more intimate time together. He respects her ability to ignore or dismiss other men, asserting her allure is unmatched.


Here, Bad Bunny flirts with the idea of a committed relationship, knowing it might be risky but he’s willing to dive in. There’s a hint of commitment, suggesting taking her home, but also indicating the transient nature of the encounter by mentioning he might still remain single afterward.

What’s the Meaning of “Un Preview” as used in this song?

“Un preview” is a Spanglish term that combines Spanish and English. “Un” is the Spanish word for “a” (indefinite article). “Preview” is an English term that refers to a sneak peek or a brief demonstration of something to come. In the context of this song, “un preview” apparently refers to giving someone a taste or hint of something that will come later. Bunny apparently uses it metaphorically to suggest anticipation or the beginning stages of something interesting.

When did Bad Bunny release “Un Preview”?

Bunny and his team officially released “Un Preview” on 25th September, 2023.

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