“Açaí Bowl” by Dominic Fike

An Açaí Bowl is a type of sweet treat which is indigenous to the South American nation of Brazil. And whereas the dish is never actually mentioned in the lyrics, the implication is that Dominic Fike is likening his significant other to this dessert. That is to say that she is very-sweet in his eyes. And whereas the song does have a strong sensual undertone, it is not one of those general type of bedroom intimacy tunes. Rather the Fike lets it be known, in the second verse especially, that he is referring to a particular lady. 

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Fans have deduced that this would be his girlfriend, Shelby, i.e. the self-same individual who stood by him while he was briefly locked up in 2017-2018. And basically what he is saying is that due to her dedication, he is now making her straight with his significant amount of wealth. 

So conclusively, the best way to describe this song is as it being a celebration of Dominic’s romantic relationship with his real-life girlfriend.

Quick Facts about “Açaí Bowl”

The first time Dominic Fike performed this song was during December of 2018, in his home State of Florida.

It was the first single Fike released in 2019. Its actual release date was June 6th, 2019.

This is a self-penned song (since Fike wrote it himself). Its production task, on the other hand, was handled by producer Julian Cruz.

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