“Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd

In “Save Your Tears”, The Weeknd is addressing an ex-girlfriend. And regardless of what type of first impression one may get when reading its title, the reason he is actually telling her to “save your tears” is because he wants to get back with her. He basically doesn’t want her to cry when she sees him.  That is to say that he acknowledges that he broke her heart. And further elaborating in the third verse, he lets it be known that made promises to her, i.e. always being by her side, which he didn’t keep.

So the way the situation reads now is as if they were to randomly run into each other she would become upset, cry and even walk pass him as if she doesn’t recognize The Weeknd. And being treated in such a manner is likewise causing him discomfort. But more to the point, he has come to realize how he himself was a faulty partner, being afraid to commit on top of being dishonest. And all of these sentiments combined have him pleading with her to take him back. And yes, he knows that in that regard he is “much too late”, on top of she “deserv(ing) someone better”, as in the chances of her actually taking him back being virtually nonexistent. 

So going a bit out on a limb here, perhaps his overall goal is just to make her feel better by admitting that their breakup was in fact his fault in addition to expressing his regret for having lost her.

Lyrics of "Save Your Tears"

Facts about “Save Your Tears”

It has been hypothesized that this song is actually about two well-known ex-girlfriends of The Weeknd. They are Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. In terms of Selena in particular the first line of “Save Your Tears” has been interpreted by some to intentionally feature an acknowledgement of a track she dropped earlier in 2020 entitled “Crowded Room”.

“Save Your Tears” itself was released on 20 March 2020 as part of The Weeknd’s album called “After Hours”. And the labels behind the track are his own The Weeknd XO, Inc. in conjunction with Republic Records.

The Weeknd wrote this song along with the following:

  • Belly
  • DaHeala
  • Max Martin
  • Oscar Holter

And all of them, with the exception of DaHeala, also produced the track.

7 Responses

  1. Ermias says:

    Save your tears and I feel it coming songs are my life the first music billboard. tanks the weekend

  2. Adrian says:

    Well guys out there,
    We have an inkling of this song and its meaning of how our heart is so fragile and the mistakes we may or may not have done. To break someone’s heart or to have been broken is never a quick fix overnight. Hang in there and hey…..you never know what might be around the corner?!

  3. Carol says:

    Love the song but its lyrics are a bit sad cause such things do happen at times that you hurt someone and still want them back but as much as the other partner loves but trust is lost

  4. milly says:

    i think this song is more about someone getting their heart broken, so they get with someone else even though they don’t love them back, promise them they’ll stay forever, left them (ran away) and after seeing her, he realizes that she was probably the best girl he’s been with and he wants to get with her again but he doesn’t deserve her anymore because he never loved her. ( i’ll make you cry when i run away )

  5. Steve says:

    This video screams out Illuminati.. symbolism is all over there almost like the picture Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick movie with Tom Cruise in it..

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