“All Girls Are the Same” by Juice WRLD

In “All Girls Are the Same”, Juice WRLD is lambasting his romantic interests. His gripe with them is that they keep breaking his heart. And he harps on three ladies particular.

The first is someone who ‘broke his heart’ so effectively that the narrator opts to drown his sorrows in some “hard liquor”. Then he ‘wakes up the next day with a new woman’. The implication is that he got so smashed the night before that he doesn’t even remember hooking up with her. And she’s a lesbian who is just using Juice as a booty call – a reality that obviously disturbs him.

Then in the second verse we are introduced to what is presumably another lady. This one is actually bragging to WRLD about how quickly she can break his heart and apparently goes on to do so in just “10 minutes”. So once again the rapper is compelled to resort to the bottle. Indeed he depicts himself as a sorrowful individual who is always suffering at the hands of the women he falls for. And what he actually desires is “real love”, not a series of soul-crushing flings.

That being said, Juice WRLD is obviously stereotyping women in the chorus. And he has acknowledged such by stating that this track’s title, “All Girls Are the Same”, is not meant to be taken literally. Or stated differently, in real life Juice is well aware that all women are not ‘devils’ as he insinuates in the lyrics. Rather this song is representative of a number of failed relationships which the young artist himself had endured. So basically he is speaking to the fact that he has been the regular victim of heartbreak at the hands of women who apparently had little regard for his feelings.

Lyrics of “All Girls Are the Same”

Quick Facts about “All Girls Are the Same”

Grade A Productions and Interscope Records dropped “All Girls Are the Same” on 22 December 2017. It was the lead single from Juice WRLD’s first studio album, “Goodbye and Good Riddance”. That album also produced WRLD’s most famous track “Lucid Dreams“.

“All Girls Are the Same” charted in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, it has been certified double-Platinum in both countries. In fact the song is considered to be the song which put Juice WRLD on the map.

This track was written by Juice WRLD and the track’s producer, Nick Mira, whom Juice worked with frequently.

Interesting to note is that Juice WRLD references music legend John Lennon (1940-1980) in this song. John Lennon was murdered on 8 December 1980. And Juice himself would go on to die on that same date in 2019.

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