Meaning of “On God” by Juice WRLD (Ft. Young Thug)

 “On God” is an increasingly-popular swear term that is being utilized by rappers. When an individual uses this expression, it is meant to demonstrate the supreme truthfulness and seriousness of what they are saying.

The main subject of the song “On God” by Juice WRLD (as in the person Juice and Thugger are primarily speaking to and about) is a female. And they are swearing to the earnestness of the assertions they are making towards her. These statements are based largely on a few main topics. One is their impressive wealth and their willingness to spend it to sleep with her. Another is their violent, “brazy” mental state, which has them regularly reaching for the gat to resolve conflicts. They also bring up the fact that they have more shorties, indeed from places as exotic as Japan and the Himalayas. Additionally the duo dedicates a few seconds to poking at “broke-ass ni**as”, who have not achieved the same level of success and wealth that they have.

Lyrics of the song "On God"

Ultimately “On God” is filled with the same type of content we have come to expect from Juice WRLD and Young Thug. But what differentiates this track from the others is that the powerful declaration “on God” is used continuously as an adlib throughout.

Facts about “On God”

  • Juice WRLD and Young Thug wrote this song along with its producers Rex Kudo and DY Krazy.
  • “On God” was made available for purchase and streaming on March 8, 2019. It is the 17th track on Juice WRLD’s sophomore album entitled Death Race for Love. FYI, this track wasn’t released as a single from the album.
  • Contrary to popular stories, this track doesn’t mark the first collaboration between WRLD and Thug. Both men had worked together in the past before their collaboration on this song. For example, Thug and WRLD collaborated with Future on the 2018 song “Red Bentley”.
  • “On God” is actually not the right way to write the title of this song since it is supposed to be stylized in all caps. Owing to this, the proper way to write the title is as follows: “ON GOD”.   

Are there any samples on this track?

No. Only two songs in the entire album (Death Race for Love) contain samples. And they are: “Make Believe” and “10 Feet”.

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    how tf is “on God” a swear term??

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