Meaning of “Who Shot Cupid?” by Juice WRLD

“Who Shot Cupid?” chronicles Juice WRLD’s experiences and sentiments throughout two romantic relationships, one occurring in the past and the other in the present. And while the past one ended in heartbreak and regret, he is more optimistic of and indeed dependent on his current love.

As far as his prior relationship goes, it is not clear how it ended. However, the impression is that Juice got dumped. He also suffered emotional abuse while dealing with homegirl.  In fact he insinuates that he engaged in drug abuse as a way to deal with the pain she caused him (BTW, this is something no one should ever do!) But in the here and now, it is her heart which rather has been broken. She greatly regrets leaving him thanks to his new-found fame and wealth. And even though WRLD acknowledges that they both had issues with keeping commitments, he has no intentions of reestablishing that relationship.

But in the present, Juice has found a new shorty. He is a bit apprehensive but hopes that it is true love. Indeed she truly adores him. Also in dealing with her, his past drug abuse now appears as being “worthless”.

It should also be mentioned that he still doesn’t have a very high valuation of himself, indeed concluding sometimes that this woman is too good for him. However, he also acknowledges that she has now become such an invaluable part of his life that he cannot imagine living without her.

Facts about “Who Shot Cupid?”

  • Juice WRLD collaborated with two others (Purps and George Dickinson) to write this song.
  • The production of “Who Shot Cupid?” was done by co-writer Purps. It should be noted that Purps also handled the production duties on WRLD’s single “Hear Me Calling“.
  • On March 8, 2019, Juice WRLD and his team officially released “Who Shot Cupid?” for streaming and download.
  • This song appears as the 12th track on the album Death Race for Love (which is WRLD’s second studio album).

What does Juice WRLD mean with the phrase “Who Shot Cupid?”

Actually, the way WRLD used Cupid in the song doesn’t match the title. He only talks about Cupid shooting him with bullets.

We don’t think it really means anything and is just meant to be a catchy title. Somehow, it’s likely the music executives he works with, more or less look at him as young and “dumb” and let him get away with stuff like this. In other words, he’s not being held to the same standard as say Queen where he has a bunch of intelligent band members around him. But if we wanted to stretch it, we would say it implies that since love had been absent in his life for some time, then during that span, the implication was Cupid was injured, as in shot. Hence he is therefore trying to find out who shot Cupid.

NOTE: We are in no way using the word “dumb” in a derogative manner!

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree- it’s definitely about a past relationship and a new one. Time has passed since the relationship and Juice clearly still has feelings for her- it also appears that she regrets dumping him due to his new fame (“told me she love me still b**ch go to h*ell…. now you’re heartbroken you need a surgeon”).

    Juice is currently getting into a new relationship and is hoping for the best (“I hope my new lady thinks I’m perfect”) and needs current love at all times (“without her I would die”).

  2. Dave says:

    He probably said “Who Shot, Cupid?” as of like Cupid was the one who shot

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