“Alone Again” by The Weeknd

The narrative featured in The Weeknd’s “Alone Again” is apparently centered on the narrator overdosing to a very serious degree. And there is a loved one nearby, whom based on the lyrics would logically be his romantic partner. And he is pretty much begging this individual to save his life in light of the situation. 

Moreover the title of the track is for the most part indicative of the fear he is feeling in that moment. Or as stated in the song, he doubts if he will ever be able to be “alone again”. The insinuation would be that the addressee, i.e. his aforementioned loved one, is someone whom he never wants to leave his side. The further implication is that what he is actually afraid of is himself, i.e. his likelihood to re-overdose, which is a subject that is indirectly explored in the first verse. 


So striping the lyrics down to their foundation, we can say that in this case The Weeknd is portraying the role of someone akin to an addict. And this selfsame habit makes him feel as if he always needs ample positive support by his side.

Lyrics of "Alone Again"

Release Date of “Alone Again”

The Weeknd and his team released this song as part of his “After Hours” album. Said album, which is The Weeknd’s fourth, came out on the 20th of March, 2020. “Alone Again” wasn’t released as a single as “After Hours” produced only the following official singles:

Writing Credits

The Weeknd and four other songwriters composed this track. Below is the full list of writing credits:

  • The Weeknd
  • Frank Dukes
  • DaHeala
  • Illangelo
  • Noah Sammak

2 Responses

  1. Dennydris says:

    First love breaks everything. He made me cry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He becomes a different person the more famous he gets, the more options that are available to him, him being unfaithful etc… that’s why he says take off my disguise I’m living someone elses life… now he’s broken up and he cant stand the fact that he is away from his ex .. so he gets high and get’s a hooker.. presumably from a stripclub. The reference throw 2000 ones in the sky. Then the reference of count it up its all there for you, after he has the girl spend the night with him while he is high. Take me down to your altitude, he’s on uppers and he’s coming down and while he is coming down he doesn’t want to feel alone.

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