“Too Late” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s “Too Late” is a bit more complex than it may appear on the surface. Yes, it is most definitely a love song, or at least that’s one element to it. But as indicated by the chorus, it also seems to possess a pressing spiritual element. Perhaps when The Weeknd exclaims that it is “too late” for him and his lover to “save (their) souls”, what he is actually speaking to is the undesirable state of their romance.

Indeed it’s pretty obvious from the onset that he is emotionally disturbed, feeling as if he has messed his relationship with the woman he loves. And if there’s one distinguishable sentiment permeating throughout the track, that would be his inability to get over her. 

So despite the prevalence of esoteric lyricism, at the end of the day this song reads like a classic case of a man trying to win back his lady. But where it stands out is with The Weeknd basically acknowledging that in their current environment (i.e. “hell”), it would be difficult, if not impossible for them to foster a firm relationship.

Facts about “Too Late”

“Too Late” came out, via Republic Records and XO Records, on 20 March 2020 as a feature on The Weeknd’s “After Hours” album.

A music video for the track did not come out ’til 20 October 2020.  Said clip, which was directed by Pasqual Gutierrez and RJ Sanchez (collectively known as Cliqua), caused major headlines due to its gory content. Indeed the beginning of the visual even features a viewer-advisory warning.

“Too Late” did make an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 28 on the listing back in April of 2020. And the track also charted in at least 10 other countries, mostly in Europe.

It has been put forth that this song is actually about The Weeknd’s troubled real-life romance with famous model Bella Hadid.

The production/songwriting team behind this tune consisted of The Weeknd, DaHeala, Ricky Reed and Illangelo.

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