“Hardest to Love” by The Weeknd

“Hardest to Love” is another track in which The Weeknd portrays the role of someone who is in a tumultuous romantic relationship. However, in this particular instance he is pretty much taking full responsibility for it being in such a state. And that is where the title of the song is derived from – him admitting that he’s “been the hardest to love” for his partner. He basically has made it very challenging for her to actually feel for him. Yet despite all of this, she has stayed committed.

So now his emotional turmoil is twofold. For on top of him causing his lover to suffer, the singer has also come to realize that she doesn’t deserve such treatment – indeed quite the opposite. In fact it can be deduced, according to the bridge especially, that the thesis sentiment of the lyrics isn’t necessarily him beating up on himself for being a bad partner. Rather it is his astonishment that even despite being so the addressee, i.e. his partner, still loves him. But with that being established, he also knows that deep down inside he is hurting her. And along that same vein he seems to have come to the conclusion that she does in fact want to breakup with him. But in the present moment, her feelings for him are not allowing her to do so.

Lyrics of "Hardest to Love"

Release Date of “Hardest to Love”

Republic Records and The Weeknd XO, Inc. released this tune as part of The Weeknd’s fourth-studio album “After Hours” on 20 March 2020.

Writing and Production

The Weeknd wrote and produced “Hardest to Love” alongside Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

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