“Back To Love” by Chris Brown

“Back to Love” is not so much about the romance Chris is currently in as it is the woman with whom he is in it with. Or to put it another way, the woman/women he is singing to is the one who is leading him “back to love”.

In fact it seems that the song may be centered on two different women.  Based on the post-chorus and third verse, Breezy has experienced love before, lost it and now is entreating this woman to take him back. But in the first two verses, it appears as if the person he is singing to is someone he is romantically involved with in the present. During these parts of the song, he takes an apologetic tone, not as someone who is trying to win his shorty back but rather as a man who is committed to performing better in the relationship he’s presently in. But interestingly, in the third verse he is clearly singing to a partner he has lost in the past due to his own misbehavior.

In other words, both scenarios ultimately play out the same. Chris knows he has/had a good thing but also acknowledges that he is a screw-up. As such, doing right by his shorty is inspiring him to be a better man. And despite how many times he may stumble along the way, Breezy is confident and committed to achieving this goal.  This is because this woman has “opened (his) heart” and made him appreciate love again. So now he desires to take their relationship back to a previous state where more affection was displayed between the two of them.

Lyrics of "Back To Love"

Facts about “Back To Love”

  • Chris Brown wrote “Back To Love” along with the song’s producer, Cam Wallace.
  • April 11, 2019 was the official date on which Brown and his team dropped this song. The track is the second single from Brown’s 2019 Indigo album. “Undecided” was the first single Brown dropped from that album.
  • Kevin Boston produced and directed the official music video for “Back To Love”. The video as well as the cover artwork of the song are heavily inspired by the late Michael Jackson (who is one of Chris Brown’s biggest idols).
  • Chris Brown shot the video in Paris, France. It is noteworthy that around the time of the shooting of the video, Brown had just been released from police custody after being accused of rape.

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