“Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol” by Post Malone (ft. Robin Pecknold)

It should be noted that this post is being written a couple of weeks before the official release of “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” so apparently what we’re dealing with here is akin to an extended snippet. And what these lyrics center on, most simply put, is the vocalist coming off as an alcoholic.

Judging by the title and Post Malone’s artistry in general, he’s someone who enjoys a solid boozing. But this song is focused on the less-than-favorable aftereffects that come from having a strong affinity for intoxication. For instance, in the first verse, Posty gets to alluding to his teeth falling out, which is apparently something that happens to alcoholics. 

Then the second verse implies that, as a result of drunkenness, he was in some serious type of accident or what have you, perhaps as the result of getting into a fight. So that would be why in the chorus the vocalist recognizes alcohol as what he uses to ‘drown his sadness’. But at the same time, it also results in him ‘getting his a-s kicked’, i.e. bringing about another type of sadness, if you will.

But by the looks of things, it appears to be seen how this song will evolve. Perhaps later editions will point more to the benefits derived from Malone’s alcohol presumption, as based on this snippet he seems to be more concentrated on its detrimental effects.

"Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol" Lyrics

Release Date of “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol”

This track was officially released on 3 June 2022. This is the same day that the album it is featured on, Post Malone’s “Twelve Carat Toothache”, came out via Mercury Records and Republic Records. Posty debuted this song a couple of weeks earlier, on 14 April, during his first ever performance on Saturday Night Life.

The album’s first single “One Right Now” was released in 2021. In May of 2022, the album’s second single, “Cooped Up“, was released.

Post Malone and Robin Pecknold

Robin Pecknold is the lead vocalist of an indie outfit known as Fleet Foxes, and this track marks his first collaboration with Post Malone. And it is those two artists who wrote this song.

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  1. Chris Brown says:

    Alternatively, the author drank too much, got into a verbal altercation, tried to get of his stool to make it physical and got cold-cocked by a right or left hook, by somebody with a big ring on his or her hand.

    Years of drinking can damage dentistry. It takes a dedicated effort to do that kind of damage.

    Alcohol makes somebody his age’s teeth fall out when the person doesn’t know when to stop talking, which leads to getting your “ass kicked.”

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