“Demons” by Drake (ft. Sosa Geek & Fivio Foreign)

“Demons” reads more like your standard rap track in which the lyrics are dedicated to the artists boasting about various aspects of their lives. For Drake, considering that he is perhaps the richest-active rapper at the moment, he largely centers on his wealth.  Indeed in that regard he even compares himself to billionaire Kylie Jenner, who he has been personally associated with. 

Meanwhile Sosa Geek and Fivio Foreign, both being known as members of the Brooklyn-based Woo street gang, accordingly present themselves as street-based bad boys. In terms of Fivio, he harps on a relationship with a certain female, drugs and disrespecting the law. And as alluded to earlier Sosa adopts a similar disposition – for instance claiming he has shooters on call to perform hits. 

And Drake, who rightfully comes off as sort of an established don on the track, is encouraging them throughout. Indeed the titular “demons” refers to the artists own evil personas, if you will, that come out from time-to-time, such as in the night or when they are drunk.

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