“Murda One” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Fivio Foreign)

In our analysis of the previous song on the playlist of “Live Life Fast”, that being “Man Made“, we postulated that maybe from this point forward Roddy Ricch would steer the album in a different direction, since the preceding tracks have for the most part been sexually themed. 

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And such appears to be the case in “Murda One”, even if there is an extremely graphic reference to sex made in the chorus. But as far as Fivio Foreign’s verse goes, as implied by the title it is centered on a beef-inspired theme. 

Roddy Ricch also takes somewhat of a similar approach in indirectly speaking to his superiority over others, i.e. the fact that he has lots of money to spend. And one interesting part of his verse is when Ricch brags that he ‘gets paid to talk his sh*t’, as in giving us an explanation as to why, as inferred earlier, the subject matter of his songs tends to be so braggadociously monotonous.

But besides sex, what this track firmly affirms is that street violence is also regularly on the vocalist(s) mind. And such is understandable considering that both Roddy and Fivio can be classified as gangsta rappers.

Roddy Ricch, "Murda One" Lyrics

Release Date of “Murda One”

“Murda One” was put out on 17th of December 2021 as part of the album, “Live Life Fast”. It is the second album of his musical career.

The album was officially released by highly reputable American record labels, Atlantic Records and Bird Vision Entertainment.

A lead single titled, “Late at Night” was released in June of 2021. It happens to be the only official single released from the album.


The primary performer of the song, Ricch and three other writers hold credits for the song’s composition. They include:

  • Fivio Foreign
  • Kenny Beats
  • Nils

“Murda One” had co-writers, K. Beats and Nils as its producers.

Murda One

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