“Captain Crunch” by Trippie Redd (ft. Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby and Babyface Ray)

Captain Crunch (or more specifically Cap’n Crunch) is, of course, the name of a popular breakfast cereal, one that it actually pretty well-liked in the ‘hood. But the way Trippie Redd utilizes the term in the chorus is to point to the different colors of his diamonds, you know, like Crunch Berries

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Or getting straight down to the nitty-gritty, Redd is referencing the good Cap’n as a poetic metaphor pointing to his own riches. And besides focusing on wealth, a decent portion of the chorus also features Trippie basically threatening to shoot a particular opp, i.e. one that has been talking smack.

Meanwhile the selfsame vocalist utilizes the first verse to address a plethora of topics, as many as he can in the handful of bars allotted. 

Icewear Vezzo

But by the time Icewear Vezzo gets done with the second verse, it becomes apparent that despite this being a posse cut, there’s also a consistent theme permeating throughout. And that would be, at least as far as the first half of the song goes, the vocalists’ readiness and willingness to engage in gun violence, if the situation calls for it, such as, as illustrated by Vezzo, someone trying to rob him or as Trippie implies, an adversary making threats.

Sada Baby and Babyface Ray

Then Sada Baby, who is next given a solo verse, does an effective job of focusing on what we will say is the four main topics of this track, which are violence, sex, money and intoxication. And Babyface Ray’s verse is fundamentally more of the same, though we can say with more of an emphasis on the streets, such as being the rapper being on the run from law enforcement.

The Conclusion

So this is basically the kind of song we would expect from Trippie Redd featuring other artists who, at this particular juncture, are lesser knowns, i.e. just making a name for themselves and therefore being compelled to follow Trippie’s lead. 

And that is to say that this song mainly focuses on the gangsta rap mainstays of sex, wealth and, primarily in this case, violence.

Trippie Redd, "Captain Crunch" Lyrics

“Captain Crunch” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Featured Artist(s): Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby and Babyface Ray
Album/EP: “Trip At Knight” 
Release: August 19 of 2021

Writing and Production

Redd co-wrote the song with Babyface Ray, Sada, Icewear and UK24.

“Captain Crunch” was produced by Outtatown and UK24.


  • Hip hop
Captain Crunch

Trip at Knight

American talented rapper and singer Trippie Redd released Trip at Knight as his fourth studio album through 10k Projects and 1400 Entertainment on August 20, 2021. Trip at Knight can be described as a continuation album for the rapper’s debut album; Life’s a Trip.

Several months before releasing Trip at Knight, Trippie teased his fans on his social media with the album’s contents by stating in an Instagram video that his next project will be huge and contain only one guest artist, Chris King.

He also added that he wishes to create a self-made, raw, and uncut album to prove to everyone that he can give his all and be successful. However, in February 2021, he stated in one of his interviews that the album was a rage album and had several features from top musicians, including Lil Durk, Polo G, the Kid Laroi, and many more. 

The tracklisting of the August 20 release of Trip at Knight contained 17 songs. Trippie released the complete edition of the album the following day that included an additional song, Betrayal, featuring Drake. 

Trip at Knight debuted at the second position on the Billboard 200 chart and received over 100 million streams in its first week.

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