“Space Time” by Trippie Redd

The term “space time” is the name of a scientific concept developed by Albert Einstein, which is way too complicated for us to try to make sense of here. But when utilized by laymen such as Trippie Redd, it is meant to point to relativism between four dimensions per se. 

Rather the title, as presented in the first line of the song, apparently alludes to these lyrics being something like Trippie’s everyday musings. However, in its entirety the song reads a lot like a diss track. No, it doesn’t appear that the rapper is really beefing with anyone in particular. But ample lyrics are dedicated to Redd relaying ill will towards an unspecified addressee, including expressing a desire that he or she was never born.

Indeed based on the bridge, which is the only part of this song that isn’t an actual verse (of which there are two), the inspiration behind this piece is it serving as a way for Trippie to address his haters. As later implied in the second verse, these feelings on their behalf are likely derived from income-based jealousy. 

So the vocalist is like instead of sitting around moping, go out and make some dough. But of course if such individuals cannot conduct themselves civilly, as implied earlier on, Trippie and his “shooter” pack iron. And needless to say, it’s not like their hatred is going to prevent the rapper from bragging about his wealth nonetheless.

Of course none of this really has anything to do with the term “space time” based on its official meaning. But again, in that regard this song is meant to be like a day in the life of Trippie Redd.

Lyrics for "Space Time"

“Space Time” Facts

Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Album: “Trip At Knight” 
Released: August 20 of 2021

Was “Space Time” a single release?

No. The following are the only singles associated with “Trip at Knight”:

Did Trippie Redd write this song?

Yes, he did. He actually co-wrote all the songs on his “Trip at Knight” album. That being said, he isn’t credited as the song’s sole writer as he received writing support from one of the song’s producers, Star Boy.

Space Time

Trippie’s “Trip at Knight”

Trippie Red released his fourth studio album, Trip at Knight, on August 20, 2021. The American rapper and singer released it through 10k Projects and 1400 Entertainment. 

This project is a success album for Trippie’s debut studio album; Life’s a Trip. Many months before the album’s release, the rapper stated in one of his Instagram stories that he was seriously composing his next album, which he believed would be a huge commercial success. He also said that he did not wish to feature any artist on the album other than Chris King. This was because he wanted to prove to people that he could give his all in his music. However, when the album was released, it consisted of many features from high-ranking hip-hop musicians including, Polo G, Lil Uzi Vert, and many others.

The album’s release through 10k Projects and 1400 Entertainment did not include the rapper’s song Betrayal, which featured Drake. However, the following day Trippie released another edition of the album that included the song. Trip at Knight consists of 18 songs that range between hip-hop, trap, rap-rock, and hyper-pop.

This project is considered one of 2021’s most successful rap albums. 

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