“New Money” by Trippie Redd

The titular term, (“New Money”) as used in the chorus, simply points to the idea of Trippie Redd now having made it big. As such, he is no longer interested in dealing with “old” romantic interests. However, the main theme of this song is actually based on Trippie’s statement(s) that he “live(s) alone” and according will “die alone”.

Within the chorus, he uses that assertion to put forth that he doesn’t need the love of a woman to get by. But as for the verse and the bridge, the rapper presents himself a true loner, i.e. someone whom, even when he’s depressed, deals with the associated pain by himself, considering that for instance he doesn’t reside with anyone.

And even though this song reeks of emo-ism, it doesn’t seem that Trippie is asking us to feel sorry for him or anything like that. Indeed considering his disposition towards women – that he isn’t interested in one unless she’s willing to give up quick sex and even then is not privy on getting into a serious relationship – would imply that being alone is perhaps how the vocalist prefers it. 

Or rather we can postulate that given his experiences in the world, now that he is making enough money to comfortably survive on his own, the vocalist has decided to in fact do so.

"New Money" Lyrics

“New Money” Info

Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Album: “Trip At Knight” 
Release: August 20 of 2021

Creation Credits

Redd was assisted by tnfdemon and Lukovic in writing the song. The latter two also hold the production credits for “New Money” in addition to writing credits.

New Money

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