“MP5” by Trippie Redd (ft. SoFaygo)

We might as well start off by noting that the MP5 is actually a brand of submachine gun. And whereas we may not be firearm experts, by the looks of things it is a powerful, havoc-wrecking weapon. And as utilized in this song, we find Trippie ‘hoping out’ of his car – an expensive one of course – “with an MP5”. 

Or explained more simply, he’s finna engage in “a drive-by” shooting.  And such boasting is basically the rapper’s way of letting opps know not to rub him the wrong way.

Trippie also namedrops the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant in this song, twice even, via the phrase “I’ll be balling like Kobe”. In the chorus, said expression is apparently used to paint a picture of Redd engaging in some hard chillin’ while out in Los Angeles. Or viewed differently, he’s rich and famous enough to enjoy the celebrity lifestyle. But the second time around, i.e. in the first verse, well as you probably know, a basketball is often referred to as a “rock”, and so is crack coke

So in this latter case, the rapper is more or less depicting himself as a drug dealer. And overall, the subject of his rap can be ascertained as his wealth.

SoFaygo steps in

As for SoFaygo, well considering that he’s an artist we never heard of up until this point, chances are he isn’t as rich as the ultra-popular Trippie Redd. And accordingly, his rap isn’t as much about money. However, he does effectively pick up on one of the subthemes of Trippie’s verse, which is addressing haters. And as with his collaborator, he chastises such individuals for possessing a weak mind.

Conclusion of “MP5”

So conclusively, it can be said that money and violence are the central themes of this song. But MP5 isn’t like super-braggadocious. Indeed, underneath it all it’s as if the vocalists are warning haters in particular not to come in their face with no bullsh*t.

Lyrics to "MP5" by Trippie Redd

“MP5” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Featured Artist(s): SoFaygo
Album/EP: “Trip At Knight” 

When was “MP5” officially released?

“MP5” is the second track on “Trip at Knight” (which is Trippie’s fourth studio album). It wasn’t released as a single. Owing to this, it came out along with the rest of the project (“Trip at Knight”) on August the 20th of 2021.

Who do this Song’s Credits belong to?

To begin with, Redd is a credited writer here. So is his collaborator SoFaygo. Another credited writer is the song’s producer, one Star Boy.


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