“Molly Hearts” by Trippie Redd

MDMA, which is colloquially known as ecstasy or in hip-hop circles Molly, is a drug that seems to be particularly popular amongst rappers from the Midwest, such as Trippie Redd. And apparently, the narrative of this song not only centers on the vocalist favoring this intoxicant but also a particular romantic interest of his. 

Or it may be that in the first and second verses he’s respectively rapping about two different females, since in the first he claims that “she won’t pop a molly”. But by the time the second commences, the lady Trippie is referring to is “put(ting) her own molly in her water”. So maybe it can be that this is the same person whom the rapper has converted, if you will.

Now truth be told, we don’t know a lot about Molly. But apparently, it is a drug that can make users drink a lot of water. So that may be why, perhaps in the name of killing two birds with one stone, some people prefer to take it dissolved in water, i.e. the slang term “Molly water”

And that is exactly what Trippie Redd is saying at the beginning of the second verse. Also he seems to like taking it this way also, but being a baller and all dissolves his pills in high-end Voss bottled water.

Also to note, this is actually the first track found on the playlist of Trip at Knight. So it goes about effectively setting the tone that drug usage is in fact a referring theme throughout the album, albeit with this song likely being the most attention it’s actually given.

Lyrics to Trippie Redd's "Molly Hearts"

When was “Molly Hearts” released?

August 20th, 2021.

Who wrote it? Who Produced it?

Redd was assisted by Loesoe in the writing of “Molly Hearts”. Co-writer Loesoe alongside two other producers produced the song. They are: Loesoe and Outtatown.

Molly Hearts

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