“Champagne Problems” by Taylor Swift

“Champagne Problems” finds Taylor Swift addressing a romantic interest, one whom we can safely presume is now her ex. And why? This is simply because the whole narrative is based on her turning down his marriage proposal. And as revealed from the onset he is quite hurt, basically fleeing town as a result of the associated embarrassment. But the title alludes to the idea that whereas this may have been a major emotional ordeal for him and some others involved, ultimately it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. 

Indeed while delineating the timeline of their relationship in the bridge, the singer lets it be known that she was never really serious in the first place. Owing to this, even though people have dogged her for breaking dude’s heart, the implication is that she never meant to hurt him. Indeed she anticipates that he will meet another lady in the future – his true soulmate – whose love will make him forget about this entire episode.

Writing, Production and Release of “Champagne Problems”

Taylor wrote this song alongside her lover at the time, Joe Alwyn. And she also produced the track, in that regard working alongside Aaron Dessner.

This is the second song to be found on her “Evermore” album of 2020. This is the project which came to us via Republic Records in December of the said year.

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