“Sims” by Lauv

In Lauv’s “Sims”, the narrator has met a lady whom he is romantically interested in to a great degree. But unfortunately, he meets her in the wrong setting. Or as the narrator himself puts it, they hooked up “at some trashy Halloween party downtown”. And due to him meeting her in this context, the chances of them getting together again in the future is nil.

As such, the vocalist instead fantasizes that he and this lady rather met in the “Sims”. Sims is the name of a popular videogame franchise where players are tasked with building their own ideal cities. Or more specific to the way it is utilized in this song, it represents a carefree, family-oriented environment. 

So basically, what Lauv is stating throughout is his wish to have met this woman in a climate more conducive to properly initiating a long-term romance. Or even if they “would have met on another night”, circumstances would be more in his favor in terms of achieving this goal. But as things stand now, he has to deal with the disappointment of “meeting the right person at the wrong time”.

Lyrics of "Sims"

Release Date of “Sims”

Lauv and his management released “Sims” on 3 October 2019. It is one of the songs featured on Lauv’s maiden album, “~how i’m feeling~”. The record label behind the project is London-based AWAL.

Other popular tracks from Lauv’s “~how i’m feeling~” album include the below:

Did Lauv write this song?

Yes. He produced and co-wrote this track along with Johnny Simpson.

 And the other co-writers are

  • Brandon Lowry
  • Michael Matosic
  • Michael Pollack

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