“Cut You Off” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s “Cut You Off” is about the songstress ‘cutting off’ a certain romantic interest. Or in simplified terms, Selena has decided to conclusively make her relationship with him a thing of the past. And the metaphors used throughout seem to indicate that he mistreated her to the point where she has been emotionally reeling for some years even after their romance has ended. So once again, this track represents a pledge she is making to finally get over this person.

And Selena blames herself for falling for him in the first place, as in hindsight she is convinced he never really loved her but instead was ‘professionally messing with her trust’.

“Cut You Off” is said to be about “Justin Bieber”

Now many believe this song is actually about pop superstar Justin Bieber. As you may already know, he and Selena Gomez had an on-again/off-again romance for almost a decade. And theoretically she can be implying that the addressee of this song dated her for “professional” reasons, such as in the name of increased fame, which is something celebrities often do. Moreover one of the writers of the song has also indicated that it is about a real-life individual who is an an irritating and contemptible “boy” at that. And we all know that the Biebs is often portrayed in such a manner by the media.

But either way, there is no one actually namedropped in “Cut You Off”. So the general applicability of the track is that its sentiments can be relayed by any woman who has decided to once and for all shed “the extra weight”, i.e. lingering bad feelings, from a toxic romance.

Lyrics of “Cut You Off”

Production and Writing Credits of “Cut You Off”

The production of this song is the work of David Pramik.

He also co-wrote “Cut You Off” along with Selena Gomez. The duo wrote the song with help from writers Chloe Angelides and Liza Owen.

Release Date

On 10 January, 2020, Interscope Records put this song out as part of Selena Gomez’s third album. That album goes by the title “Rare”.

These are the songs Selena officially released as singles from “Rare”:

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