“Kinda Crazy” by Selena Gomez

The lyrics of Selena Gomez’s “Kinda Crazy” find her addressing an ex-boyfriend. Whether or not it is one of her real-life famous exes is not specified. But perhaps time will tell considering the details she gives about what transpired between the two of them. And what she is harping on specifically is this individual possessing some unfavorable interpersonal skills. In fact she has basically come to the conclusion that he is “kind of crazy” – and “not the good kind” of crazy.

Indeed the way the story reads is that she was at first fascinated by his personality. But as time progressed he starting “acting super shady”. This of course implies that he was cheating. And considering that Selena Gomez has used common terminology and themes throughout her “Rare” album, it is very much possible that the ex-boyfriend she is more or less dissing throughout is in fact one particular individual.

And within the context of this particular song, what she is calling him out for specifically is initiating their romance but then trying to flip the script by displaying a degenerative character towards her.

Lyrics of “Kinda Crazy”

Facts about “Kinda Crazy”

Selena first teased this track way back in March of 2016. It eventually did come out on 10 January 2020 as part of her third album. FYI, that album is titled “Rare”.

The publisher of “Kinda Crazy” is Interscope Records.

Despite this apparently being a very personal song for Gomez, she didn’t write it alone. She solicited the help of the following songwriters to write the song:

  • Albin Nedler
  • Bonn
  • Rami
  • Jasmine Thompson
  •  Justin Tranter

FYI, writers Bonn, Albin and Rami also handled the production of “Kinda Crazy”.

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  1. Tam says:

    I feel like this song is about Charlie Puth. She started this song back in Revival your when that whole Charlie & Selena thing was going on. A few years later Charlie released “how long” in which many people speculate is about Selena hence the portrait of her in the music video. The lyrics to both songs seem to go together- Selena calling him shady and Charlie saying that the girl ( Selena) is calling him shady

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