“Die for Me” by Post Malone (ft. Halsey & Future)

Post Malone’s “Die for Me” is a song which is based on discontent in romantic relationships. The title comes from the artists (Malone, Future and Halsey) alluding to the fact that their former lovers were untruthful in dealing with them.

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Post Malone

In terms of their individual verses, Posty focuses on a woman whom he instantly fell in love with. But since then, he has come to realize she is quite “cold”, particularly in terms of the way she treats him. So for instance, she once got Malone locked up. But even in that situation, he rejoiced due to finding relief from her company. Thus similar to another song featured on “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, “Take What You Want”, Malone depicts himself as an individual who is in love with someone who treats him cruelly.


But of course Future was having none of that – or so he thought. He starts off in his usual playboy persona. He recounts a memorable night spent in the club with a certain lady whom he is apparently now getting romantic with. Future showed her a good time but apparently had no intentions of becoming attached. And the insinuation is that she knew this already. Indeed she likely has the same knowledge of Future which everybody else had. But he hooked up with her while she was in a “vulnerable” state, and seemingly she wanted to get serious. He then uses some elaboration metaphors which read as if they point to the idea of this lady trying to retain his affections, even resorting to lies in the process.

But by the time the end of the narrative rolls around, it seems that Future has fallen in love and now finds himself chasing her. And it would appear that she’s the one who is currently not interested in getting too attached. And her ex-boyfriend is also a factor in the whole situation. So at the end of the day, Future attributes the suffering he is going through, sort of like an unrequited love, as being the result of “karma”. Simply put, his similar past actions have caught up with him.


Then enters Halsey. To summarize her verse, it has been concluded that it is centered on her past romantic relationship with another rapper, G-Eazy. And basically, what she is saying is that is that all of the unhappiness in their relationship was a direct result of him sleeping around. Or another way of looking at it is if she mistreated him like the ladies that Post Malone and Future detailed earlier in the track, it was a direct result of his own behavior, like his infidelity was an impetus for her actions. And ultimately, the songstress came out of the situation more callous in general.

Chorus “Die for Me”

Meanwhile the chorus is about the artists being deceived by their lovers.  This was manifest via their partners promising a level of undying commitment which ultimately they failed to display. So the premise of this track is, once again, this concept of unrequited love. But more to the point, it is centered on the singers believing that their partners, based on their own words, were more devoted than they actually were.

Lyrics of "Die for Me"

Post Malone’s talks about “Die for Me”

According to Malone, this song is dedicated to anyone whose cheating spouse put them through hell.

Meaning of "Die for Me"

“Die for Me” is the first Malone and Halsey Collaboration

Post Malone worked with Halsey for the first time in his career on this track. As for Future, Malone and him had worked together prior to “Die for Me”.

Creation (Writing and Production) Credits

All three artists (Halsey, Malone and Future) contributed writing to “Die for Me”. The trio wrote this song in conjunction with the following:

  • Andrew Watt
  • Billy Walsh
  • Louis Bell
  • Happy Perez

Watt, Bell and Perez also took charge of the track’s production.

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