“Talk about Love” by Zara Larsson

The vocalists in this song are letting their romantic interests know that they “don’t wanna talk about love”. That’s another way of saying that they want to enjoy their time with them in the moment as opposed to worrying about the future. Or as Zara Larsson described the tune in her own words, sometimes when two people start falling in love becoming too inquisitive about what is actually going down can ruin the experience.  So she in particular is not overly concerned about the emotional side of what is transpiring, rather being more caught up in the physical, so to speak. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Zara Larsson's Talk about Love at Lyrics.org.

And whereas Young Thug has adopted a similar disposition with his lady, he concurrently lets her know that he does intend to make her right as their love progresses.

Is this Zara Larsson’s first collaboration with Young Thug?

Yes. This is Zara’s, a singer from Sweden, first collaboration with Young Thug, a rapper from Atlanta, U.S.

When did the duo release “Talk about Love”?

The Ten Music released this track on the 8th of January 2021. It is the lead single from Zara’s 2021 third full-length, which is entitled Poster Girl.

Writing and Production Credits

The writers of “Talk About Love” are Young Thug, Dewain Whitmore, Amy Allen and the track’s producer, Mike Sabath. It is interesting to note that Zara isn’t on the list of the official writers of the track.

Music Video

The music video was directed by Zara herself. She did that in collaboration with Ryder Ripps.

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