“Excitement” by Trippie Redd & PartyNextDoor

For sake of simplicity, “Excitement” can perhaps best be classified as a modern-day, hip-hop inspired love song. That’s another way of saying that the lyrics are largely preoccupied with the subject of intimacy. Verily, what the title of the tune alludes to is the concept of sensual “excitement”. Moreover there are a number of metaphors pointing to the notion that the vocalists are in fact looking forward to engaging in bedroom fun with the addressee, i.e. their respective romantic interests. 

And in the process they are more or less promising to make it worth her while. But as PartyNextDoor goes out of his way to note, bedroom fun “ain’t the only thing on (his) mind”. And Trippie Redd expounds on this notion by stating that this particular lady is one whom he hopes will “love (him) forever”. But with that being established for the most part the wording centers on their physical attraction to the females. So at the end of the day we can say that this is indeed a love song, though with a strong sensual undertone.

Lyrics of "Excitement"

Facts about “Excitement”

This track came out via TenThousand Projects and 1400 Entertainment on May 15th, 2020. It is actually the lead single from Trippie’s “Pegasus” album.

“Excitement” was written by PartyNextDoor and Redd. And this is the first time the Canadian crooner and Ohio-based hip-hop artist have collaborated.

And the producer of the song is an artist called Oz.

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