“Finish Line” by Trippie Redd

“Finish Line” is perhaps as close as we’re going to get to a love song on Trippie’s “Trip at Knight” album. And even if it is so, it’s like who are we to judge?

Love is not only achieved through some chance, heaven-sent encounter, as often portrayed in the music industry. Instead, sometimes an effective romping can lead to an individual being smitten. And such is how the narrative plays out in “Finish Line”.

This song only features one standard verse, in which Trippie Redd commences as just about any popular rapper would when it comes to the subject of sex, by implying that he’s a playa who bonks various groupies.  You know, after sleeping with a “b–ch one time”, he “be done” with her. And by contrast he’s mocking the type of dudes who do the same but instead end up falling in love with random encounters.

However later on in the passage, Trippie himself deduces, while in the process of receiving some gratifying sex of the oral kind, that this particular lady is “the one”, i.e. his soulmate, if you will. And he proceeds to extol a couple of her virtues, i.e. the fact that she isn’t interested in small money and is a “supervillian” who apparently enjoys picking on other “b–ches”. So Redd illustrates that he does in fact strike up a serious relationship with her, via a vampire-related metaphor.

It should be pointed out that said metaphor also implies that he’s in control of this situation.  And that is also the concept upon which the title is theoretically based. A “finish line” is a term most commonly associated with racing. And as utilized in the first verse, it serves as an analogy for a sexual climax, or something like that. 

But the chorus also centers on the notion of Trippie Redd “run(nig) sh-t”, i.e. being in control of this particular woman, as stated earlier. And of course ‘running’ is also a term associated with racing.


But the above said, this is first and foremost a sex song. Trippie Redd doesn’t go crazy with the lyrics, but he does go about detailing his sex life in a very adult sort of way. But thematically, what theoretically separates this from the rest such songs is an emphasis on the vocalist exercising authority over this sexual conquest, who it turns out he winds up really liking.

Lyrics for "Finish Line"

“Finish Line” Facts

This the 4th track on the track listing of “Trip at Knight”. This album, which is Trippie’s fourth studio project, has a total of 18 tracks on its standard edition.

As of the release date of the album, which was on August 20th, 2021, it was supported by 2 single releases. “Finish Line” wasn’t issued as a single. “Holy Smokes” and “Miss the Rage” are album’s official singles.

“Finish Line” has a total of three writers, including Trippie. The other two are its producers: RAFMADE and Hammad Beats.

Finish Line

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