“Super Cell” by Trippie Redd

Trip at Knight is a project which features a numerous references and shoutouts to cartoon, videogames and what have you. Trippie Redd, who is 22 years old as of the release of the album, is still young enough to get away with doing so. 

And in this case, the track is named after a character from the popular Dragon Ball Z series named Cell who sometimes takes on what is referred to as “Super Saiyan” – or more simply put superpowered – form.

But of course Trippie’s lyrics themselves aren’t cartoonish. So for instance he uses the term “Dragon Balls” as an allusion to his own genitals and by extension being the recipient of sexual activity of the oral type. And he also utilizes the term “cell” to note how his “brother” got locked up for ‘robbing some banks’, seemingly dying while incarcerated. 

He also proceeds to liken himself to the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, a fictional character called Goku. And along those lines we can most simply say that this song is more or less quintessential Trippie Redd fare, as in being mostly about sex, violence and money though based on a Dragon Ball motif.

So who knows? Perhaps in an alternate reality where the rap game isn’t so violent, maybe someone like Trippie could actually get away with dropping an album actually about videogames and cartoons. But as it stands now, if we are treated to such a song by a popular rapper, then it’ll likely be one such as Super Cell that you wouldn’t really want the main patrons of Dragon Ball Z, i.e. children, to actually listen to.

Lyrics for Trippie Redd's "Super Cell"

“Super Cell” Details

Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Album: “Trip at Knight”

When did Trippie Redd release “Super Cell”?

August 20th, 2021. The song appears on Trippie’s bestselling album of 2021 titled “Trip at Knight”. The album’s standard version is made up of a total of 18 songs, with “Super Cell” being the sixth song on its track listing.

“Super Cell” didn’t come out as one of Trip at Knight‘s singles. That said, Trippie released only two singles to market the album. The first was a song entitled “Miss this Rage” which came out in May of 2021. Two months later, the second single titled “Holy Smokes” was released.


“Super Cell” was written by Redd himself with assistance from the following music producers (who actually produced the track):

  • Nadddot
Super Cell

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