“For Now” by Lauv

Lauv’s “For Now” is based on a long-distance romantic relationship the singer is in. He does not perceive such to be ideal. However, “for now” he is committed to perpetuating this romance over the phone until he and his sweetheart are able hookup again in the flesh. And of course in modern times, when a person refers to a “phone” they are more likely talking about an instrument akin to an android device. As such, part of the singer’s communication with his boo includes the likes of ‘sending her pictures all of the time’ of their mutual homeys hanging out. Indeed friends play a big role in their relationship, as it is they who are keeping Lauv company in the absence of the woman he loves. 

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But even in that regard, he makes it clear that on a sentimental level she is irreplaceable in his heart. So conclusively, we can say the primary sentiment being expressed is him patiently awaiting the arrival of his significant other despite the discomfort her not being around is causing him. But the underlying feeling that this song is based on, which is his strong affection for her, ultimately makes this track more like a love song than one of discontent.

Lyrics of "For Now"

Did Lauv write “For Now”?

Lauv produced and wrote “For Now”. And the other co-writers are as follows:

  • Michal Matosic
  • Michael Pollack
  • Anthony Rossomando

Release Date

This track was released by AWAL (Artists Without a Label) on 6 March 2020 as part of Lauv’s debut album, “~How I’m Feeling~”.

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