“Mean It” by Lauv & LANY

In the song “Mean It”, the singers (Lauv & LANY) are addressing someone whom, from their own perspective, can be referred to as a fickle romantic partner. Or more precise to the storyline, she has the tendency to indeed be affectionate, vulnerable and the other types of characteristics you would expect from a girlfriend. But then, virtually at the drop of a hat, she can flip and become cold and unresponsive. 

And the implied explanation for such behavior is that she is actually on the rebound from another relationship. But that being said, the singers are still feeling her. So things have now reached a point where they’re telling her that the romance should not continue unless she ‘means it’. In other words, they feel like their emotions are being played with. And unless this lady is ready to commit to the relationship on a 24/7 basis, they rather she not go there at all. 

So at the end of the day this is in fact a love song, as the compassionate feelings of the singers themselves are on full display. But a dilemma is present as apparently the lady herself does not entirely feel the same way.

Lyrics of "Mean It"

Release Date of “Mean It”

“Mean It”, the highly-anticipated first collaboration between Lauv and LANY, a band from California, was released on 14 November 2019.

Writing and Production Credits

The song was written by John Hill, Michael Matosic, Jordan Palmer, Michael Pollack, Lauv and LANY’s frontman, Paul Klein.

Meanwhile the entire band produced the song along with Lauv and Mike Crossey.

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